wth_am_i_doing (wth_am_i_doing) wrote in self_injury,

Cutting without remembering?

Greetings everyone,

I had been cutting five years (I'm 22 now), and just recently over the past six months I stopped due to intensive therapy and medication for my depression and issues.

I have also somewhat started to feel better about life and myself again, and I was rather proud of myself for not reverting back into self-harm.

However, just this past month or two, I have been noticing that I have a lot of new cuts and scars.

This completely bothers me, because I don't remember cutting myself at all. As hard as I think, I can't remember it. This is also somewhat scary because then I wonder, "What else am I doing that I don't remember?"

Is this common? Has any one ever experienced this before? I don't know what I should do...I really don't want to tell my doctor/therapist about it, because I fear they might make me stay in a hospital again...and I really want to pick up my life once more. I was all excited in thinking that I get to go back to school now and everything...but I'm scared that this may just make everything worse if I bring this issue up with those in authority over me.

What should I do?
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