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Hi everybody,

I am 20 years old and have been si free for about 4 years now. I started si'ing when I was 13 and got help when I was 16. I have been successful with my recovery (besides like, one slip-up a year). I am a junior in college and studying to be a nurse. This semster has just been really very stressful for me. I always have a ton of work to do, feel imcompetent at clincal and one of my clinicals/classes is psych which I am having a hard time handling. Anyways, I cracked on sunday and cut a few times. I just don't really know what to do. I am not sure if I should go to CAPS (counesling and psychological services) or just wait and see if my urges to si subside. Its hard to tell because sometimes I just feel terrible and cry and other times I feel fine. I just cant wait for this semester to be over. I am glad that there is a community like this where one can vent. I cant do it in my own journal as my friends dont really believe in depression/si.
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