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self injury community and support
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This is a community journal for self-injurers and recovering self-injurers. It is intended to offer support and to help those that self-injure. This community is meant to help you in your healing, not to encourage or help you find ways to hurt yourself.

This community is open to anyone who wishes to join, who wants to join for support and friendship, or to help others still dealing with this problem.

Sharing your good news or your bad news, giving advice or suggesting things to help others, or just being a part of something so you don't feel alone.

You're not the only one. There is safety and support in numbers.

This community has a zero-tolerance for abusive comments and posts. Users who flame, troll, or otherwise abuse this journal and its members will be banned unconditionally. We already have enough to deal with, without having this space invaded by nastiness.

Having said that, I realise that several cruel individuals will indeed target this community. If any members experience trouble from other lj users in their own personal journals, please take this advice:

1. Don't respond. That's what they want - a response. Ignore them.
2. Don't hesitate to delete, and ban, anyone. You know the difference between negative criticism and abuse. Exercise your right to control your journal.
3. Turn your IP logging on in your LiveJournal options. It sometimes helps to determine if an old troll has returned with a new username.
4. If it continues, do report stuff to the abuse team. They get stuff done.

One last request - while sometimes it will help you if you share images of your injuries with others, please realise that those same images can be triggering and upsetting to others. Either use the lj-cut tag, or text links, in your entry, and give proper warning please.

There is absolutely NO promoting of pro injury communities. Thanks.

[to make a post work with lj-cut, you just put <lj-cut text="click here"> in your entry - everything below the tag will be hidden in normal view - people will have to click to view/read the rest of your post.]

NOTE: This community is maintained by terytaya and co-maintained by imincrediblyhot . You can get in touch with the maintainers at any time by using the contact information on their userinfo page here and here, or by emailing self_injury@ livejournal.com with subject heading "self_injury community".

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